Freeview Coverage at your place

e.g. 100 Victoria Street, Auckland Central.

Freeview|HD is available to 86% of NZ homes and can be picked up using a UHF aerial connected to a Freeview|HD receiver;

What does your coverage result mean?

Your coverage tells you whether you can get Freeview|HD.  Go for Freeview|HD if you can, but if you can't, you can still get Freeview with Freeview Satellite.  

Here are some recommendations based on your coverage:

  • "Very Likely" for Freeview|HD: Go for Freeview|HD. Here's why & what you need.
  • "Unlikely" for Freeview|HD: Go for Freeview Satellite. Here's what you need.
  • "Likely" or "Likely with High Aerial" for Freeview|HD:   Your home is on the verge of the Freeview|HD coverage area, you'll need a High Gain rooftop UHF aerial, possibly elevated above surrounding hills, treetops or buildings to get a clear view of your nearest transmission site; plus either a Freeview|HD receiver, a TV with Freeview|HD built-in, or a MyFreeview|HD recorder.  View approved range here.
Need a UHF AERIAL or SATELLITE DISH installed?

Clearvision Communications is an accredited installer.  You can get their installation service no matter where you are in New Zealand, buy approved devices direct from them and at a pinch, they have finance packages available too.


Note: Coverage is indicative only. Local environment may cause variations in computer estimated level. We suggest you consult an installer to confirm coverage in your area if you have any doubts.