Analogue TV vs Freeview TV

To be honest, there's no real comparison when you compare Freeview with the old analogue TV we're used to - Freeview has so much more to offer! So this is more a wee look at the difference between the two…


  • The way we've always received TV since the signal was first switched on
  • Received via your VHF aerial, so some areas of NZ have very patchy coverage
  • Up to 7 standard channels, plus some regional channels
  • Can be difficult to tune channels perfectly


  • Crystal clear digital quality images and sound
  • Crisp, clear DVD quality pictures and sound delivered in a widescreen format
  • More channels than analogue
  • Many programmes are in High Definition (HD) for free
  • Interactive features like the Freeview 8-day onscreen programme guide
  • No monthly subscriptions or contracts
  • Tuning is simple - literally one button to click for perfect picture
  • Captioning service for the hearing impaired
  • Parental control

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