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What is Digital TV?

The digital switchover (DSO)… it's the biggest thing since colour TV!  And
it's actually pretty simple - the Government had announced that NZ TV is
going digital, which means the current free-to-air analogue signal will be
switched off and New Zealand will move to a digital transmission for all
free-to-air channels.

Freeview ® is the digital free-to-air service, and it's the best way to keep
getting free TV. You can find out more about the difference between analogue and digital TV here.

When is the Digital Switchover?

As of 2AM 1st December 2013, New Zealand television became digital only as the Government switched off the last analogue TV transmission.  It all happened in stages, as you can see here

Why Digital?

  • The rest of the world is switching to digital TV or have done already.
  • Our analogue network is becoming more and more costly to keep running - the technology is dated and is becoming obsolete.
  • It's a good economic decision - there will be savings for broadcasters and the rest of NZ too.
  • We can make better use of the airwaves - frequencies currently used for analogue TV will become available for next generation mobile and telecommunication services, which will improve productivity.
So what do I need to do?

To get Freeview, check your coverage and see which Freeview service is right for you. Then check which product you'll need to receive Freeview at your place.