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Freeview does not make, sell or install digital TV products, the products listed here have been tested & approved by Freeview to ensure compliance with technical standards specific to New Zealand digital free-to-air broadcasting.

TVs with Freeview built-in
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Most TVs on the market have Freeview|HD built-in, you need Freeview|HD coverage and a working UHF aerial connected to the TV to get it going.

If you have Freeview|HD coverage and have your UHF aerial correctly aligned and in working order, set-up is easy - simply plug in your aerial cable and the TV automatically tunes in channels.  

Visit your local Freeview retailer for more information - new models are launched regularly!

Freeview UHF Aerial/Satellite television
Type: Freeview UHF Aerial/Satellite television
Brand: Samsung
Model: UA32H4500ASXRD, UA32H5500ASXRD, UA40H5500ASXRD, UA48H5500ASXRD, UA40H6300ASXRD, UA48H6300ASXRD, UA55H6300ASXRD, UA60H6300ASXRD, UA40H6400ASXRD, UA48H6400ASXRD,UA55H6400ASXRD,UA60H6400ASXRD, UA65H6400ASXRD, UA75H6400ASXRD, UA48H6800ASXRD, UA55H6800ASXRD
Support phone number: 0800 726 786
Support email:
TV with Freeview | HD built in (works with UHF aerials)
Type: TV with Freeview | HD built in (works with UHF aerials)
Brand: Sanyo
Support phone number: 0800 883 301
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