Getting Freeview set up


If you've already got a working satellite dish or UHF aerial, set up is easy. You'll find instructions in the box and there are basic setup guide videos here. Please note that the instructions in the box are specific to your model of product, the videos are a general guide only.

DIY is fine for some, but for others of us, when it comes down to the technical nitty gritty, it's easier to leave it to the experts….

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Finding an installer

You can contact a Freeview® Accredited Installation Service Provider for a quote on getting your Freeview set-up sorted - from purchasing the right Freeview approved devices to installation assistance:

Clearvision Communications (Nationwide: 0800 255 255)

We also have a list of local installers who can help you out with all your Freeview set up - anything from installing a UHF aerial or satellite dish, to fine tuning your favourite channels.  Some retailers also offer install services, services offered & charges do differ so check with your local electrical store when you buy your Freeview® Approved products.

And if you haven't already purchased your Freeview products, you can buy direct from your installer too, just look out for the Freeview or MyFreeview logo to make sure that you're buying Freeview® Approved products (along with the usual warranty and service support, your Freeview Approved products will automatically pick up new channels and essential software upgrades in future). 

Check your area…

Freeview provides free listings for local UHF aerial and satellite dish installers.

*Please note, Freeview does not warrant or monitor the services of installers in this directory.