What do I need?

What you need depends on your coverage, the type of Freeview you go for and what you've already got at home.

To get Freeview|HD, you need to have Freeview|HD coverage (87% of us do), a UHF aerial and a TV with Freeview|HD built-in, or a Freeview|HD receiver or MyFreeview|HD digital recorder.

To get Freeview Satellite, you need a satellite dish and a Freeview Satellite receiver or MyFreeview Satellite recorder.

Here are a few steps to take you through the process. Let's start with what you've already got…


Do you have a UHF aerial (outdoor / indoor) or Satellite Dish?

UHF Aerial

UHF Aerial


Satellite Dish

Satellite dish

Many homes already do. But if you don't have one, you can either install one yourself or get a quote from an installer to set it up for you. 


What's the Freeview coverage in your area?

Check Your Coverage

Before you buy any Freeview equipment, we recommend that you check the Freeview coverage in your area - and whether a satellite dish or UHF aerial is your best option.

e.g. 100 Victoria Street, Auckland Central


Want to just watch Freeview? Or record as well?


Freeview is for watching programmes!

MyFreeview lets you record & watch different programmes at the same time!
Have a look to see exactly what you'll need…

NEED A HAND? Find an installer in your area to get your Freeview set up.