Freeview|HD (via UHF Aerial)

What do I need to get Freeview|HD?


If you're looking to get Freeview|HD (via UHF aerial), you must first check here to ensure you have Freeview|HD coverage at your place.

If the coverage at your place is "very likely" for Freeview|HD, then great news - once the right equipment is installed correctly - you're good to go!


You need two things:

  • A UHF aerial  to pick up the signal for Freeview|HD, which is transmitted over the air.
  • A device to tune in the channels you get with Freeview|HD.

Having the right equipment and installation will give you reliable reception, crystal clear pictures and sound, and in turn, the best viewing experience!


The type of UHF aerial you need depends on your coverage for Freeview|HD.  Please see this UHF Aerial help topic on the different types of UHF aerials, what they look like and what's best for you.


You can get 3 types of Freeview|HD devices:

  1. TVs with Freeview|HD built-in:  most post-2011 flat-panel TVs would have Freeview|HD receivers already built into the TV. 

    Click here for a list of TV brands.

  2. Freeview|HD digital receiver:  this is a stand-alone external receiver (sometimes called "HD set-top-box"), which is useful so you can connect it to your old TV or CRT to watch Freeview|HD.

    Click here for a list of approved receivers.

  3. MyFreeview|HD digital recorder:  has two Freeview|HD receivers and 500GB+ of internal storage so it's a powerhouse recorder that lets you record all your favourite shows to enjoy them when it suits you!

    Click here for a list of MyFreeview|HD recorders

Remember to look for the Freeview logo on the product and packaging: this shows that the equipment you're buying has been tested and approved by Freeview. 

Here are the 3 options for getting Freeview|HD again

Remember: you need to have Freeview|HD coverage and a UHF aerial regardless of what type of Freeview|HD device you choose to go with.


Get a TV with Freeview|HD built-in

  UHF aerial  

TV with Freeview|HD built-in


Keep your old TV with a Freeview|HD receiver

Uhf -aerial -120 Plus Freeview -box -120 Plus New -or -old -tv -120
  UHF aerial  

Freeview|HD receiver

  Your existing analogue TV


Get MyFreeview|HD to record & watch when it suits you!

Uhf -aerial -120 Plus Freeview -box -120 Plus New -or -old -tv -120
  UHF aerial  

MyFreeview|HD recorder

  Your existing analogue TV or TV with Freeview|HD built-in
Getting true HD

To make sure you're getting true HD you'll need the following…

Selected programmes on TV ONE, TV2, TV3 and FOUR are now broadcast in high definition - just look out for the HD symbol in your Freeview EPG or Online Freeview TV Guide to see if the broadcaster is giving your fave show the HD treatment!

Note: You'll still get a crystal clear digital quality pictures in standard definition without the two things mentioned, as long as you have a UHF aerial and a Freeview|HD digital device.


An accredited Freeview partner can help you get set up and installed. Find one near you.

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