Do I get the new line-up if I tune in via UHF, via satellite or stream Freeview channels?

Your Freeview channel line-up is set to refresh on the day no matter how you pick it up. There are a couple of nuances though...

If you’re tuning in through a UHF aerial or a satellite dish, you’ll get new channels eden, Rush and eden+1 on the day, as well as the new line-up with existing channels moving to new positions. Al Jazeera English is the only exception since it’s not available via satellite. So if you’re tuned in via satellite, Al Jazeera English moving doesn't apply to your setup.

If you’re streaming Freeview channels through a SmartVU dongle or SmartVU+ box, eden and Rush will be added as new channels on the day. DUKE, HGTV and Al Jazeera English will also move to channel numbers 6, 19 and 20. ‘Plus 1’ channels are not available to us as live-streams, so changes involving eden+1, TVNZ 1 plus 1, DUKE plus 1 and Three+1 don’t apply on SmartVU devices.

Regardless of how you tune in, you can check out this tip here to see what you may need to do when you next watch TV.

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