Update to FreeviewPlus

Making FreeviewPlus even better!

We made some improvements to FreeviewPlus to make it even easier to use!

You should've seen an Update splash screen on your TV to tell you this has happened.  If you're having trouble with your LG Magic Remote, please see here on how to close the splash screen.

Access to On Demand

While in the FreeviewPlus guide, simply press the green button to go straight to the On Demand Apps portal, where you can select to go to TVNZ On Demand, 3NOW or Maori Television On Demand, or access Genre Browse and Search in a couple clicks.

Catch Up Guide - better access & easier to read

An icon has been added to all shows available for Catch Up, so you can see what you can stream right now.

A buffer has been added too so you don't accidentally end up in the Catch Up Guide if you've scrolled too far left.  Now you have more control - hold the left key to scroll quickly to land on the Arrow then press OK to go to Catch Up.

Quicker access to more features like Search, Genre Browse & Featured

Pressing the red button while you're in the FreeviewPlus guide now takes you straight to the Menu where you'll find loads of cool features like Genre Browse and Search.  So it's even easier to find what YOU are interested in.

Want to have your say?

Here's a discussion you can join to voice your views - would love to know what you think.  Thanks!


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