How do I install Freeview?

Freeview is a service that you can access for free once you set up and install the required AV equipment.

Once you have the correct antenna and correct Freeview Approved TV or box for the type of Freeview you’d like to have in your home, setting up is relatively simple.

Plug your antenna cable to your TV or box and tune in the channels. Check out our 'how to' videos for set up instructions, or see the manufacturer-supplied User Manual for device-specific instructions.

If your new TV or box doesn't tune in automatically, then we suggest that you first call the manufacturer for assistance (the phone number should be in the packaging or on the product guide).

If this doesn't solve the problem, contact your installer to get a quote for their assistance.

If you've purchased a non-approved digital receiver / recorder, you’ll need to contact the person you purchased it from for assistance.

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