Having trouble loading videos on your SONY Bravia TV?

Some SONY Bravia TVs may have trouble loading videos when they’ve been left ON or in STANDBY mode for some time. Giving your TV a reboot should usually fix the problem.

To fix: 

  1. On the Freeview On Demand screen, press EXIT on the remote to close the app, allow it to reload before going to Freeview On Demand and trying the show again.  If this doesn’t work, try step 2.
  2. Power OFF the TV and switch off at the wall (best to disconnect power cable from the wall socket), leave for a few minutes then power ON.  Reload Freeview On Demand and select a show to stream.
  3. If the above two steps didn’t work, it’s best to refer to SONY’s Customer Care.

SONY also released firmware updates for some 2017 Bravia TVs on 10th April 2019. SONY users can check for Downloads here.

If you need help updating your TV, get in touch with SONY Support. 

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