What if I move house?

You can take your TV, digital receiver or recorder with you. You may also choose to take the satellite dish or UHF aerial with you or have one installed at your new home.

Finding out what you need to do in your new home is similar to the process for getting Freeview.

The first thing to do is to check the coverage by entering your new address on the Get Freeview page.

If you’re “very likely” for Freeview|HD:

make sure you have a working UHF aerial on the roof at your new place. You can then connect that UHF aerial directly to your TV with FreeviewPlus or Freeview|HD built-in, your FreeviewPlus or Freeview|HD box or your MyFreeview|HD recorder, tune in the channels and you’re ready to enjoy TV in your new home, without subscriptions.

If you’re “unlikely for Freeview|HD” at your new address:

make sure you have a satellite dish which can connect to a Freeview Satellite set top box or a Hybrid TV. Once you set up and tune in the channels, you can enjoy Freeview Satellite in your new home without subscriptions.

If you're "likely" or "likely with a high aerial" to have Freeview|HD coverage:

It's best to get in touch with your installer to set up a UHF aerial, as you're at the edge of reliable reception for Freeview|HD and an installer can check to ensure your aerial is best positioned for signal reception.

Check out the the SUPPORT section for set up videos, Freeview set up FAQs, and head to for free technical advice.

And if you need further assistance, please contact an installer.

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