Panasonic TVs with FreeviewPlus

You can get FreeviewPlus with one of these TVs.  

Simply connect your antenna and broadband to the TV, then press the RED button on your remote to enjoy On Demand on your TV, subscription free!

Select a model that works with your antenna

If you use a UHF aerial, please see models here.

If you use a Satellite Dish, please see models here.

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Dual Tuner TV Models

These work with both satellite and UHF aerial!

2016 Range

TH-55DX640Z, TH-65DX640Z

TH-50DX700Z, TH-58DX700Z, TH-65DX700Z

2015 Range

TH-40CS650, TH-50CS650, TH-55CS650

TH-55CX640, TH-60CX640, TH-65CX640

TH-50CX700, TH-55CX700, TH-60CX700, TH-65CX700

Full List of 2016 Models

TH-32D400Z, TH-40D400Z, TH-49D400Z



TH-40DS610U, TH-50DS610U, TH-55DS610U


TH-43DS630U, TH-49DS630U, TH-55DS630U

TH-40DX600U, TH-49DX600U, TH-55DX600U

TH-40DX605U, TH-49DX605U, TH-55DX605U

TH-55DX640Z, TH-65DX640Z (Dual Tuner TVs that work with both satellite and UHF aerial)

TH-50DX700Z, TH-58DX700Z, TH-65DX700Z (Dual Tuner TVs that work with both satellite and UHF aerial)

TH-50DX740U, TH-58DX740U, TH-65DX740U

TH-58DX900U, TH-65DX900U

Full List of 2015 Models

You can get FreeviewPlus with one of these.  Unless it's a model that appears in the Hybrid TV section, you'll need to connect a UHF aerial to the TV to pick up FreeviewPlus.

TH-40CS650, TH-50CS650, TH-55CS650


TH-40CS610, TH-50CS610, TH-60CS610, TH-65CS610

TH-40CX610, TH-50CX610

TH-55CX640, TH-60CX640, TH-65CX640

TH-50CX700, TH-55CX700, TH-60CX700, TH-65CX700

TH-55CX800, TH-65CX800, TH-55CX800, TH-65CX800

MyFreeviewPlus Recorders

Get On Demand and Recording in one device - subscription free!

2016 Recorders




2015 Recorders

DMR-PWT550 (Direct series linking not yet available)

For more information about Panasonic FreeviewPlus Smart TVs, please contact Panasonic, email or call 09 272 0178 or 0800 726 222 (0800 PANACARE).


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