Record, pause & rewind TV, subscription free.


With dual tuners and a built-in hard drive, MyFreeview lets you record one show while watching another, plus you can pause and rewind live TV just like you’re watching a DVD! Series link your favourites to record, and then watch when you want – you can even create boxsets of your favourite shows! It’ll change the your life, we kid you not!


What did that character just say?! Missed that crucial line? No worries – rewind back to what you missed, or from when you last started watching that channel.


Sometimes nature calls or perhaps it’s you mother on the line… MyFreeview’s live pause button means you’ll never miss a moment.

Series Link

Series Link means you can record an entire series at the touch of a button – you’ll never miss an episode. It’s the smartest and simplest way to watch TV.

Record Everything. Pay Nothing.

There are no monthly fees or contracts to record your favourite shows with MyFreeview.

3 Great Options to get MyFreeview

MyFreeviewPlus - Record & access all the features of FreeviewPlus, like On Demand on TV!

MyFreeview|HD - Record & access all the features of Freeview|HD, like view & record in HD!

MyFreeview Satellite - Record & access all the features of Freeview Satellite.

MyFreeview|HD - What You Need...

MyFreeview Satellite - What You Need...