Aerials for Freeview

What does a UHF aerial look like?

There are many different shapes and sizes. Here are a few different types avaliable: 

UHF aerial 1 UHF aerial 2 UHF aerial 3

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What type of aerial do I need?

We recommend a UHF wideband antenna (aerial). For more information we suggest you contact an installer.

Can I use an indoor UHF aerial to receive Freeview?

In some cases an indoor Digital UHF aerial will work to pick up Freeview|HD® when used in conjunction with a TV with Freeview|HD® built-in, Freeview|HD® Digital Receiver or MyFreeview|HD® Digital Recorder.

If our coverage tool gives you a result of 'very likely' to receive via UHF aerial at the address you specify, then an internal antenna near a window and in direct line of sight with your nearest transmission tower may work.

Can I use my existing aerial?

In many cases your existing UHF aerial will work to pick up Freeview|HD® if you're in the Freeview|HD coverage area. You can check whether you live in an area that can pick up Freeview|HD® by using our coverage tool.

If in doubt we recommend just trying to connect it to your existing TV, and if it doesn't tune in all the channels or sometimes has pixelation, please contact an installer to check and replace or reposition your antenna, cable, or connectors.

As a guideline, if you can get channels such as Prime and Maori Television, and live in an area that can pick up Freeview|HD®, then you're likely to get good Freeview reception in HD with your existing UHF aerial when it's connected to a Freeview|HD® Digital Receiver or MyFreeview|HD® Digital Recorder.  

Where can I buy an aerial?

If you wish to install a UHF aerial yourself, you can buy one at selected Freeview® accredited retailers or at trade electrical stores like Betta Electrical. 

If you're thinking of putting up an external UHF aerial, you're looking at a roof-top excursion as well as some technical trial & error to properly align your aerial.

It may be easier and safer to have an installer do it for you, click here to find an installer for a quote.

You can also check to see whether an indoor digital UHF aerial may be an alternative for you, these are available from Freeview® accredited retailers.