Satellite Dishes

What is a satellite dish?

A satellite dish is required to receive Freeview Satellite® - it then sends this signal to your digital receiver for decoding.

What type of satellite dish do I need?

Signals for Freeview Satellite® are transmitted from the Optus D1 satellite. We recommend a minimum dish size of 60cm with a single 11.300 GHz LO Frequency LNB. It can all sound a little complicated, so for more information we suggest you contact an installer or a Freeview Retailer.

Can I use my SKY satellite dish?

A working satellite dish will be able to receive Freeview Satellite® when used in conjunction with a Freeview Satellite® Digital Receiver or MyFreeview Satellite Digital Recorder®. Please see our set-up videos on how to set up.  If you require additional assistance, check with an installer for advice and a quote.

Where can I buy a satellite dish?

It's best to buy your satellite dish direct from an installer as they can help you get it all set up - find an installer near you.

Or one of our Freeview retailers can recommend a satellite dish installer when you purchase your digital receiver.