Help with Freeview Products

Freeview is a nationwide provider for digital free-to-air television & radio services, we don't make, supply or install any digital TV equipment.

However, to help you go digital with Freeview, we provide a world of info including a list of Approved Products to suit your viewing needs: from the basic models of digital receivers, TVs with Freeview|HD built-in, to MyFreeview digital recorders that provide you the ultimate in viewing freedom!

How do I choose the right product for me?

To ensure you get the right product for the best viewing experience, before you purchase any equipment, we recommend that you:

Looking at the following will help you decide what you need to get every TV in your home ready for the digital TV experience with Freeview!

Where can I buy?

Pop into your local electrical store! And remember you can also browse their online stores for the range of products available through each retailer!

Got a question about your digital TV device?

To contact the manufacturer of a Freeview approved receiver or recorder, find your product or brand in the Freeview Approved Products List . Support email and phone numbers are listed next to the product. 

Manufacturer's Support Team comprise of device experts who can best answer any questions you have about your device.