Network Status

Please see here for network status, as provided by the transmission providers.

Essential network maintenance and upgrades will be carried out from time to time in order to continually improve the delivery of programmes to living rooms across New Zealand.

These may temporarily interfere with normal broadcasting transmission and affect your TV viewing experience in the form of signal losses across most / all channels.

The transmission providers take precautions to minimise any impact to your Freeview viewing experience, by performing these updates after peak TV viewing hours, usually in the early hours of the morning.

If you've experienced a sudden signal loss on only one channel, or issues with a group of channels managed by one particular broadcaster, please contact the broadcaster responsible for transmission:

For TV ONE, 2, U or TV ONE plus 1, please contact TVNZ.

For TV3, FOUR, C4 or TV3 plus 1, please contact Mediaworks.

For other channels, please see channel websites, links can be found here.

If reception across all or some channels is a recurrent problem for you, it's very likely caused by a fault with equipment or installation, try our troubleshooting FAQs.