Go Freeview


As well as Freeview's crystal clear pictures and extra channels, MyFreeview lets you record your favourite shows, even a whole series, with the click of a button.

Watch what you want, when you want. It's real clever stuff that will completely change the way you watch TV.

  • Record an entire series with the touch of a button
  • Record a show while watching another
  • Pause live TV
  • Create your own TV schedule

Plus, all the normal Freeview benefits too…

  • Crystal clear, digital quality pictures and sound
  • More TV channels than analogue
  • One off set up cost then no monthly fees
  • 8-day on screen programme guide
  • Captioning & other access services
  • Parental control

And if that's not enough - it's really easy to use too!


Get the freedom to watch what you want, when you want!
Watch the video to see just what you can do with MyFreeview with just a simple click of a button (and the video shows you the right buttons to press too).

So, how do I get MyFreeview?

Just like Freeview, you can get MyFreeview two ways…


(via UHF aerial)
UHF Aerial

MyFreeview using your UHF aerial (available to 86% of NZ homes, check your coverage here).

MyFreeview recorders
from $350
View MyFreeview|HD Digital Recorders


MyFreeview Satellite

(via satellite dish)
Satellite dish

MyFreeview using a satellite dish (available to nearly 100% of NZ homes)

MyFreeview Satellite Rrecorders
from $429
View MyFreeview Satellite Digital Recorders

Check Your Coverage

Before you buy any Freeview equipment, we recommend that you check the Freeview coverage in your area - and whether a satellite dish or UHF aerial is your best option.

e.g. 100 Victoria Street, Auckland Central

There are some differences in channels

It all depends on your location and whether you are receiving Freeview|HD (via UHF aerial) or Freeview Satellite (via satellite dish) compare channels here.

So how do I get MyFreeview and what's it going to cost? Have a look at the range of MyFreeview products available.