MyFreeview is a Freeview Approved Digital Recorder (or PVR) with Twin-Tuners and In-Built Hard Drive that let's you enjoy TV your way!

It'll Change Your Life - We Kid You Not

  • Record an Entire Series at a Touch of a Button
  • Record a Show While You Watch Another
  • Pause and Rewind Live TV
  • Create Your Own Schedule to Enjoy TV When It Suits You
  • Create Boxsets of Your Favourite Shows

And since it's Freeview, you get all the Freeview benefits too, No fees or contracts!

Get The Right MyFreeview For You

Everyone can get MyFreeview, either by getting MyFreeview|HD or MyFreeview Satellite.  Make sure you get the right type for you.

Check Your Coverage

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  • If your coverage is "Very Likely for Freeview|HD" then go for MyFreeview|HD;
  • Otherwise go for MyFreeview Satellite.

MyFreeview|HD is Amazing

Brighter pictures & clearer sound, you can record in HD for free, plus you get local content exclusive to Freeview|HD like CTV in Canterbury!

Get a MyFreeview|HD Digital Recorder & a UHF aerial (if you haven't got one already) and you'll be away laughing.

MyFreeview Satellite is Great Too

This is the option to go for if you don't have Freeview|HD coverage.

Get a MyFreeview Satellite Digital Recorder & a Satellite Dish (if you haven't got one already) and you'll have all the MyFreeview magic at your finger tips.

MyFreeview|HD Digital Recorders...

MyFreeview Satellite Digital Recorders...