What's changing on the 21st of March?

Discovery New Zealand is adding exciting new channels:

  • eden on channel 8; 
  • eden+1 on channel 18;*
  • Rush on channel 14.

At the same time, some channels are moving to new spots.

  • DUKE is moving to channel 6;
  • HGTV moves to 19;
  • Al Jazeera English to 20.*

And ‘plus 1’ channels are moving on the day too*, simplifying the line-up so it’s easy for viewers to discover new content and watch their favourite shows one hour later:

  • TVNZ 1 plus 1 moves to channel 11;
  • DUKE plus 1 moves to channel 12;
  • Three+1 moves to channel 13.

With the launch of new channels, Choice is being transformed into eden, and The Edge TV and Breeze TV are going online, find out more about this here.

All other channels, like the much-loved TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, Three, Bravo, Māori Television, Te Reo, Prime etc. are all staying in the same positions.

You can find out all about it here, and check out answers to some of your questions here (including what to do about series links and customised channel lists).


*  Channel availability is subject to how you tune in, please see here for more information.

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