What is a UHF aerial?

UHF aerials are used in New Zealand to pick up terrestrial TV signals sent over the air.  (UHF = Ultra High Frequency).

By using a UHF aerial, you'll be able to:

  • Watch selected programmes in HD;
  • Enjoy Dolby Digital sound on selected programmes;
  • Get exclusive local channels, like Wairarapa TV, Southern TV etc.

All Subscription Free!

87% of homes have UHF coverage and can use a UHF aerial.  Check to see if you have UHF coverage here.

UHF aerials come in different shapes and sizes.  Here are a few different types available: 


YAGI-type UHF Aerial 

These go on your roof-top.  Directed at your nearest transmission tower, they pick up UHF signal sent over the air.

If your coverage is "Very Likely" then this is the recommended roof-top UHF aerial for you.

If you're in a marginal coverage area, you may need to elevate your aerial over your roof so it's free from any obstructions, especially if your house is located in a dip, or has tall surrounding buildings or dense tree cover. 

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Phased-Array UHF Aerial


Phased-Array UHF Aerial

Position these on your roof-top similar to the YAGI-type aerial, but these are great if you're very far away from the transmission site.

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Phased-Array UHF Aerial


Indoor Digital UHF Aerial

If you can't get a roof-top aerial installed, you may be able to use one of these if you're within 5km of your nearest transmission site and has "Very Likely" Freeview|HD coverage (check your coverage here). 

UHF Aerial for Freeview HD - Indoor Digital UHF Aerial
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