Why are TVNZ OnDemand shows no longer available on Freeview On Demand?

TVNZ OnDemand shows are being removed from Freeview On Demand on 28 June 2021 because TVNZ has decided that TVNZ OnDemand will be the only home for the streaming of its on-demand content going forward.

Freeview doesn’t own or have rights to the on-demand content from TVNZ.  That content is delivered through Freeview On Demand at the broadcaster's discretion, and likewise can be removed at their say so. 

But don't worry, you can still watch your favourite shows!  You just now need to go to TVNZ OnDemand to watch on-demand shows from TVNZ.  You can still use Freeview On Demand to watch all the other on-demand shows on your TV, just as before.

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