A2 Recorder v SmartVU - which one is right for me?

Both the Freeview A2 Recorder & SmartVU streaming device provides you with access to Spark Sport, but there're some key distinct features to consider before you choose one over the other.

Do you like to record Live TV?

The A2 Recorder comes with multiple tuners & a 1TB internal hard drive, allowing you to record TV across 2+ channels and store up to 500 hours of shows & movies.  The SmartVU doesn't.  So if you'd like the option to record TV shows, movies & documentaries (that are often not available On Demand), then opt for the A2 Recorder.

What streaming TV apps do you want?

Nearly all the apps you can get on the SmartVU is also available on the A2 Recorder, except Netflix (which is not available on the A2).  So if you absolutely must have Netflix, and don't already have another way of getting it, then SmartVU is the way to go.

How's your Broadband?

The SmartVU is streaming-only, to enjoy a smooth streaming/viewing experience, you'll need a robust connection and ideally an unlimited broadband plan (fibre if you can get it).  It's best to talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to find out what you have & if you could/should upgrade. 

If you're in a situation where you need to be frugal with your data, the A2 Recorder - which tunes into over-the-air broadcast TV (rather than streaming TV) - would be a better option for you since viewing Live TV or Your Recordings on the A2 Recorder won't chew up precious data.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about the A2 Recorder here.

Learn more about the SmartVU here.

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