Where can I watch the rugby?

All matches are streamed on Spark Sport

You can watch all 48 matches in the Rugby World Cup 2019TM tournament streamed - Live & On Demand - through Spark Sport.  

It's best to get your setup sorted well before game day, find out how you can get ready for action here.

Selected matches broadcast free-to-air

There're also 12 matches broadcast free-to-air by TVNZ, including delayed coverage of all NZ pool matches and the Quarter Final, as well as live coverage of the Semi Final and Rugby World Cup 2019 Final.

Find more info on the TVNZ Match Schedule here.

You can watch TVNZ's free-to-air broadcasts on your existing TV/set-top box/recorder with Freeview (and record the action too with a Freeview recorder!).  However, due to rights restrictions, these TVNZ free-to-air broadcasts are not available to stream, so they're not available on a streaming-only device like the SmartVU.


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