Having trouble loading Freeview On Demand on your SONY Bravia TV?

Freeview On Demand is designed to automatically load in the background when you power on your TV. 

To access Freeview On Demand any time, you can press the OK button on any live TV channel to display the Mini Guide.

If you can't get Freeview On Demand or the Mini Guide to load correctly on your SONY Bravia TV, you may need to refresh your internet connection.

To refresh your Internet connection:

1. Press HOME on your SONY remote.

2. Navigate down to Settings, select SYSTEM SETTINGS.

3. Go to SETUP & select NETWORK on the right hand side.


5. Wait a few moments for your TV to refresh its Internet connection.  "Internet content is ready" is displayed once this is completed.

6. Press BACK to return to live TV.  Freeview On Demand will load in a few seconds.



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