The new TV Guide mobile app is here!

What's changed?

The Freeview TV Guide mobile app has been updated. Same features, but with a sweet new interface: 

Mobile app screenshot
  • 8-day TV Guide: includes an 'On Now' button and a time indicator (dotted line) to show where Live TV is up to. 
  • Setting reminders: simply choose a show and select the clock icon to set a reminder.
  • Manage reminders: to change times or to remove a reminder select Reminders from the Menu.
  • Notifications: you will receive alerts directly from the app (reminders are no longer synced with the phone calendar). 
  • Menu: is now top left and consists of: TV Guide, Reminders, Browse by genre, Settings.
  • Browse by genre: you now have the option to browse by genre list.
  • Search: located under 'Browse by genre'; the search function lets you search for Live TV content.
  • Detailed show pages: show details (title, season & episode numbers), synopsis, airing details.
  • Specific channel display: shows only the channels available on your chosen platform (UHF Aerial or Satellite).

Why did we update the mobile app? 

It was time to refresh the outdated app and bring you a new design with an enhanced performance. The improvements were made to give you a faster, smoother user experience.

Download the app for FREE, to track what’s on when you’re on the go.


Available on the App Store

  • If you have the existing app and automatic updates turned on, it will roll over to the new updated app.
  • If not, check the App Store and select to update the Freeview TV Guide. 

Android: Get it on Google Play 

  • If you are an existing user, go to the Google Play Store and select UPDATE to the get the new Freeview TV Guide app. 

Found a bug?

There are bound to be a few hiccups when revamping apps, so check out the known bugs here.