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The free, simple, easy-to-use Freeview TV Guide mobile app is the smart way to keep tabs on all the great programmes showing every day on the channels you get with Freeview.

  • 8 Days of Programme Info direct from the broadcasters via the Freeview EPG;
  • Region-specific channel display shows only the channels available on your chosen platform (UHF or satellite) and region;
  • Simple grid view makes for easy browsing of the listings;
  • Quickly set alerts for your favourite shows by synchronising with your default calendar;
  • Live Search allows you to look up programmes quickly on the go;
  • View extra details for some shows, such as actors, directors and ratings as sourced from online movie databases;

Available on the App Store Android App

And did we mention it's FREE? The Freeview TV Guide app works on iPhones, iPads and most Android phones and tablets. Download now from iTunes or Google Play.  

The story of the apps....

The Freeview TV Guide app for iPhone / iPad / Android is the creation of many hours of hard work, innovation, testing and bug-fixing (a struggle which we're sure developers everywhere can relate with).

Find out more about the amazing team who brought this app to you here.