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New: Renters

PG S9 E6 In Christchurch, Prue and Michelle witness the salvage and rejuvenation of an entire block of units wrecked by the earthquakes.
10:05 PM
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A Current Affair

M-LC / AO A Current Affair brings viewers the latest in local and international consumer affairs, entertainment and real-life stories for everyday New Zealanders. Hosted by Susie Nordqvist.
10:35 PM
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The Apprentice Aotearoa

M / AO New Series: The ultimate business reality show returns to Aotearoa. Meet the 14 candidates fighting for the spotlight in CEO Mike Pero’s boardroom. Tonight, teams must design a new popcorn for kids.
11:35 PM
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Motorway Madness

Final: Motorways are the location of many mad dashes by unruly and downright dangerous drivers.