2:00 PM On Now
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SOUP KITCHEN with Bharat

World music showcase from the archives of Barat (Text the DJ on 379)
4:00 PM
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SPECIAL NEEDS with Murry Sweetpants

A veteran of local radio, Mr Sweetpants brings his expereince to Wednesday Drive (Text the DJ on 379). Twitter: @msweetpants
6:00 PM
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OFF THE RECORD with Dan Paine, Yam Jams & Mr Brown

Direct from the record to your ears (Text the DJ on 379). Twitter: @DJDanPaine
8:00 PM
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SALADS with Chef D & Nealske

Serious crates diggers share their spoils (Text the DJ on 379)
10:00 PM
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EYES DOWN BASE UP with Ms. Curious

Dubstep and underground dance (Text the DJ on 379)
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