12:05 AM On Now
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All Night Programme

The All Night Programme is a live-hosted programme of features, music, news and weather. Daily from Midnight until 6.00am
6:06 AM
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Breakfast with Paul Brennan

An early miscellany of music, stories and random thoughts incl 6.30 Nuhaqka Dreaming by John Bluck 7.10 Eyewitness 7.25 Ours: Treasures from Te Papa
8:10 AM
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Summer Report with Chris Bramwell and Craig McCulloch

Radio New Zealand's breakfast news show with news and interviews, bulletins on the hour and half-hour
9:06 AM
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Summer Times with Lynn Freeman & Emile Donovan

A variety-packed, celebrity free morning of news, interviews, documentaries and music
12:00 PM
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Radio New Zealand news, followed by reports from Correspondents around the world
12:30 PM
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The Compass: After The Crash

Rethinking Economics (4 of 5, BBC)
1:06 PM
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Karyn Hay & Friends

4:06 PM
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The Panel with Wallace Chapman

An hour of discussion, featuring a range of panellists from right along the opinion spectrum (RNZ). Email:
5:00 PM
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The 5 O'clock Report with Te Aniwa Hurihanganui

Half an hour of current affairs from the RNZ News team
5:30 PM
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Trending Now

Highlighting the RNZ stories you’re sharing on-line
6:06 PM
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Memorable exchanges from the past year on RNZ National (RNZ)
7:04 PM
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Summer Science with Alison Ballance

Highlights from the world of science and the environment with Our Changing World's Alison Ballance (RNZ)
8:04 PM
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New Horizons

With Music commentator and critic William Dart (RNZ)
8:30 PM
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Windows on the World

International public radio features and documentaries
9:04 PM
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In Their Element

10:00 PM
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News at Ten

A roundup of today's news and sport. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @RNZ_News
11:06 PM
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Pocket Edition