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Fair Go

The Fair Go team take a trip across the ditch to investigate a water purifying filter company who have not delivered on their promises to NZ consumers. Plus, we've got some tips on how to open lids!
8:00 PM
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The Checkup

Follow a team of doctors investigating health claims & misconceptions in a quest to discover the truth about our health. Tonight, osteoporosis & dehydration. Plus, cheese; does it cause nightmares?
8:30 PM
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Wild Bill

New Series: High-flying US cop Bill Hixon (Rob Lowe) arrives in Boston to shake up the East Lincolnshire Constabulary, but when the coldest of cold cases turns up, it’s Bill who finds himself shaken.
9:30 PM
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Join Jack Tame and the team to find the answers to the questions that matter. Made with the support of NZ on Air.
10:30 PM

1 News Tonight

11:00 PM
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Proven Innocent

S1 E4 When Madeline takes on the case of Sarah Bukhari, a woman sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering her newborn child, Easy has a dilemma deciding between his faith & doing the right thing.
11:55 PM
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The Brave

S1 E4 Campbell travels to Afghanistan to personally interrogate an American member of the Taliban about a pending attack.